CAFSA recognizes that sexual assault is inextricably linked to systems of power and violence that also form the prison industrial complex. We are committed to a non-carceral approach to preventing sexual violence, and we endorse and are guided by the demands of Police Free Penn. Our priorities are education and increased responsibility from the University. We strongly reject the presence of cops on campus. The carceral system has failed survivors, especially survivors of color, in innumerable ways and is not the solution to ending sexual violence.  


Title IX is the only office on Penn’s campus that can enforce sanctions. The requirements of fact-finding and Title IX’s replication of the criminal justice system put an undue burden on survivors. Much like other survivor-centered organizations, Title IX has its roots in white supremacy and a culture of incarceration. These ideologies force survivors to find their own middle ground in healing and safety. CAFSA believes survivors and is committed to systems that prioritize the needs of harmed individuals. 



We demand:

Allocation of Space 

  • Fraternities must be expelled from areas in which students may have to pass them to and from classes. Either fraternities or the University of Pennsylvania’s administration must be responsible for this removal.

  • The University of Pennsylvania must permanently purchase land back from on-campus fraternities and vow never to allow Greek housing back on campus again. This should occur on their own accord, but especially if sexual violence allegations and experiences of discrimination are released, incriminating specific groups.

  • The University of Pennsylvania administration must commit to always diversifying Locust Walk, first by reallocating the former fraternity spaces to cultural centers such as PAACH, La Casa Latina, and Makuu.

  • PVP should get their own space that is ADA compliant and separate from VPUL.

[CAFSA defers to the 4b in regards to their needs for space on Locust Walk.]



  • The University of Pennsylvania must adopt a non-Penn affiliated reporting service with options to report anonymously and be connected to survivors who have been harmed by the same person (e.g. Callisto). 

  • Virtual support measures and confidential resources must be permanently incorporated, even after in-person support becomes possible. The fact that there have been similar numbers of reports despite students being off campus proves that remote reporting and support is necessary. 




  • The University of Pennsylvania administration and the Faculty Senate must adopt university-wide sexual harassment and cultural diversity trainings required for all university-affiliated professors.

  • The University of Pennsylvania must mandate comprehensive trainings, to be designed by a team of students and PVP staff, for all fraternities, in addition to trainings already required for sororities by the Panhellenic Council.

  • Comprehensive trainings designed by a team of students and PVP staff must be enforced for all undergraduate and graduate students, one training during New Student Orientation (NSO) and Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) and one during each subsequent semester.

  • All faculty and staff involved in internal university reporting of sexual violence or misconduct must undergo comprehensive and continued training in trauma-sensitive practices, to be delivered by an organization or office outside of the Title IX office (i.e. Penn Violence Prevention, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, WOAR). 


  • The University of Pennsylvania administration must make statistics about campus group compliance to sexual violence trainings by PAVE public to the student body on an ongoing basis.

  • The University of Pennsylvania administration must publish information concerning the campus fraternity land and building ownership. 



We also support and uplift the demands of other organizations including Police Free Penn, Fossil Free Penn, Penn Against the Occupation, and GET-UP.

While this map is just an imaginative template, we will continue to advocate for a University that prioritizes all of our needs. 

Potential Frat Map Plan .png